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De installation/Relocation

De-installation & relocation is a very sensitive & stressful operation. Whether it’s a single server or enterprise server room, our engineers & movers make sure that every single piece of kit is correctly de-installed & moved. Our custom solutions are tailored to meet our clients need within their budget. With over ten years of experience in this field we provide most comprehensive, professional IT de-installation, relocation & re-installation services.


Our expert team of engineers & movers conduct a site survey to ensure a budgeted appraisal that covers technical operational & logistical planning. We never compromise on quality services hence all the equipment is de-installed by our well trained & experienced engineers.

Once the equipment is de-installed and marked, our team of movers join hands with our logistics team for safe packaging and relocation.


We hand over and sign off to client after ensuring that the delivery is completed, equipment is properly reassembled as per provided specification and fully functioning.


We also provide tailored service as per your need & budget.




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